The Sega Genesis Challenge – Chiki Chiki Boys

Its Dragonball! With swords! And other stuff!

Ok, not quite. The premise of the game is that evil monsters have invaded your homeland/world and have slain, well, everyone. Except the twin princes known as the Chiki Chiki Boys. And as illustrated by the cover art, killing monsters is pretty darn fun. Too bad the game really wasn’t as fun for me. But no sense jumping ahead.

From the start two things occurred to me as being really cool possibilities. The first was the option to select which brother you got to play as, the master fencer or the master magician. So two different styles of play? Frickin’ sweet, count me in! Except they both played exactly the same through multiple sessions. Darn.

The second was the ability to choose the order in which you go through the initial three stages. This was actually pretty neat since each stage had its own quirks and style. The earth stage was a standard platforming level with trees, rivers, mountains, and lava. The air stage, however, has you sort of flying through the air, but you also have the ability to jump from cloud to cloud and hand from suspended cables. The water stage has you swimming underwater which frees up the entire screen to explore and maneuver during combat.

Speaking of combat, things are fairly straightforward. The A button utilizes your special attack which I couldn’t quite tell if it damaged everything on screen or only monsters touched by the bolts. The B button swings your sword and the C button jumps. The controls and abilities are identical for both characters so I really didn’t see how one brother was a master fencer and the other a master magician. It just didn’t come through for me. Enemies also take several, several, several hits to destroy and this is from the beginning of each level. That wouldn’t be so bad if you were fighting them singly or in pairs but sometimes the screen is full of monsters so that doesn’t work so well.

One of the most frustrating things I experienced with this game was the lack of continues. When you die, you go to the continue screen only if you have a life left. You can do this as many times as you have lives (2 or 3 by default, I can’t remember). After that it is Game Over. And you start over from scratch. Pretty harsh for a game with this level of difficulty on normal. Easy mode also limits you to a few levels of the game, so you can’t play through to the end with Easy on.

Overall I was really disappointed by this game. There are some really good aspects including artwork and level design, but everything else just wasn’t very impressive. Two characters that feel identical, lack of continues/lives, weak special ability, and no two-player co-op really turned me off. This is not a bad game by any means, but it was also not a very enjoyable one either. I might give it a second try at a later date, but as it stands it is pretty low on my play list.